Because Of Your Love
Brenton Brown, Paul Baloche


Intro:        G5  Gmaj7  G5  Gmaj7  G5  Gmaj7  G5  (repeat)



G/B  C2  D  G     G/B  C2  D  G          G/B  C2  D  G     G/B  C2  D  G

   Yeah________    yeah___________   yeah________     yeah_______



           G/B     C2           D      G              G/B        C2     D    G

As we come into Your Presence we remember every blessing

                      G/B      C2       D       G/B       C2

That You've poured out so freely from above

             G/B  C2          D    G               G/B        C2   D   G

Lifting gratitude and praises for compassion so amazing

                      G/B      C2           D               G/B            C2

Lord, we've come to give You thanks for all You've done



                             G/B   C2    Dsus                   G/B     C2     Dsus

Because of Your love,                           we're forgiven

                             G/B    C2    Dsus                             G/B    C2    Dsus

Because of Your love,                  our hearts are clean

                     G/B      C2       Dsus                              G/B      C2     Dsus

We lift You up                                       with songs of freedom

                           A/C#    D                            G5 Gmaj7 G5

Forever we're changed because of Your love







Instrumental break:   Em      D/F#      G      C2      G/B      C2      D  (repeat)