Come Up Here

Jason Upton

Mark (A)


C       G/B                     D     Em   C         G/B             Dsus - D
  I was dreaming of the holy city; I was wearing my wings

C                       G/B                D                         Em
  Then I looked up and saw a doorway to heaven

Am                  G/B              Asus - A
  And I heard You calling me



    D/F#          G                     Asus – A

Come up here, come up now

         D/F#   G        Asus - A
My beloved, my beloved



                D/F#          G         Asus – A
I want to fly

    D/F#          G                 Asus - A

Like an eagle in the sky

                D/F#      G           Asus - A
I want to fly

    D/F#                   G                        Asus - A

Through that doorway in the sky