Suzy Wills

  Susie (Em)

Verse 1:

Am                    F

I’m after Your heart

                     G                                   E7

Should I be still when the worship starts, Lord

Am          F

I’m so in love, Lord

G                              E7                                   Am      F      G      E7

What can man do; can’t hold me back anymore (repeat)



Verse 2:

Am                   F

You spin over me

                     G                                   E7

And You are pleased when I spin myself over You, Lord

Am              F

I’m gonna’ let go

G                        E7                                   Am     F     G     E7

Really worship, letting my dance come forth (repeat)




Am         F    G            E7

    Dance, dance now; let the Spirit move you

Am         F    G            E7

    Dance, dance now; Holy Spirit in you (repeat)