Intro / Tacit:                                                                                                                          Every Beat

G                 Bm               D                                     (repeat)

O-o-o o-oh, O-o-o o-oh, O-o-o o-oh, O-o-o o-oh (repeat)


Verse 1:

D                                                       A                                                          Bm

  You make the darkness run and hide, You bring the broken back to life


  Only You can, only You can

D                                               A                                                               Bm

  You set me free from every chain, You fill my heart with songs of praise


  Only You can, only You can



D                                    A                                Bm                                  G2

Jesus, You're the only reason that I'm even breathing; I am wide awake



       G                  Bm                                  D

My heart beats, only for Your glory, my hands reach, up for You to hold me

       G              Bm                                     D

My soul sings Father You are holy, my feet dance, to Your rhythm, to Your rhythm

   N.C.                                                                                    G

Oh, every beat is calling, every beat is calling out Your name


Intro / Tacit

Verse 2:

D                                            A                                                         Bm

  You left the glory of Your throne to bring this runaway back home


  Only You can, only You can

D                                                    A                                                                Bm

  You give me love, You give me life, You keep me dancing through the night


  Only You can, only You can


Chorus / Instrumental:   D       A      Bm      G    /  Pre-Chorus


         G2                                              A

You move me, Your freedom is consuming

                               Bm                                            F#m

I feel You rushing through me, I'll never be the same


Chorus / Intro / Tacit