Joel Houston

Mark (E) | Mark (F#)

Verse 1:

C            G                   Em              D             

What to say Lord?  It's You who gave me life and I

C            G                   Em               D             

Can't explain just how much You mean to me now

C                        G                   Em              D             

That You have saved me Lord, I give all that I am to You

C                G          Em     D                                   C          G        Em        D

That everyday I can be a light that shines Your name


C            G                   Em              D             


Verse 2:

C        G                 Em           D             

Everyday Lord, I'll learn to stand upon Your Word

C        G               Em          D             

And I pray that I, I might come to know You more

C                         G                  Em                D             

That You would guide me in every single step I take that

C                G           Em    D (hit 2nd time)

That everyday I can be a light unto the world



G       C            Em        D         G        C           Em      D             

Everyday, it's You I'll live for, everyday, I'll follow after You

G        C          Em            D            G        C           Em      D               

Everyday, I'll walk with You my Lord



        G       C           Em     D            G       C           Em     D       

 It's You I live for, everyday,  It's You I live for, everyday

        G       C           Em     D        G       C           Em     D       

 It's You I live for, everyday