Fire Of Your Love


Intro:    D – D2 (repeat)

Verse 1:

D                                  G
Bridegroom of love, awaken my heart

Bm                    A                      G
Let me feel the passion that is burning in You

D                      Bm
I want to love, faithful and true

G                                           D         Asus - A
Forsaking others, clinging only to You



D     A           Em
Fire of Your love

G                                             D                 Asus - A

Let me feel it burning; let it draw me to You

D  A        Em

I want to know

G                                      D/F#

All consuming passion                                                      (Turn)

G                                             D/F#    Asus – A          D   Bm - A/C# - D

For the one that’s burning - - - - - - - - - - - - - - for me


Instrumental break:  Bm - A/C# - D                     Bm - A/C# - D
                                      G –   A     Bm – A/C# -   G –    A      D

Verse 2:

D                                  G
Bride of Your choice, how can it be

Bm                    A              G
Mystery of the ages, that You’ve chosen me

D                        Bm
I will say, “Yes, take me away!”

G                                          D                      Asus - A
“Hold me forever in Your jealous embrace!”



              G        A             D/F#               G        A             D      (repeat)
And my heart burns for You, and my heart burns for You (repeat)