Fly Me Like The Wind

Matt Donovan & Suzy Wills


Verse 1:

          Gm   C/E          F               Gm   C/E           F

You touch my soul, Lord; You touch my heart, God

F#/F  Gm        C/E           F          Dm     Gm       C

You touch my heart, Lord; You set me apart

Gm  C/E                           F           Gm   C/E                       F

You make my mouth to sing out; You make my eyes to see

F#/F  Gm               C/E       F            Dm            Gm    Gm/Bb   C

IĠm not just put here for the purpose of serv - ing          me



     Bb                 F                                 C                      F

I wannaĠ worship You like the Levites in the temple

     Bb                 F                            C                   Dm

I wannaĠ worship You like David in the field

     Bb                            F                             C                      F

But sometimes, Lord, You know I get so temperamental

     Bb                         F                      C                      F

I need You to lift me up and fly me like the wind


   C                Bb         F             C                Bb         F            C                Bb         Dm

Fly me like the wind             Fly me like the wind             Fly me like the wind

F/A       Bb      F

Ohh- - -ohhh, fly (3x)


Verse 2:

            Gm  C/E            F                  Gm   C/E             F

You change my mind, Lord; You change my ways, God

F#/F  Gm  C/E        F         Dm    Gm          C

You take me higher; You make my day

Gm  C/E                F                   Gm    C/E                   F

You turn my life around, Lord; You turn me inside out

F#/F  Gm     C/E             F            Dm        Gm  Gm/Bb   C

Now I know I was born to worship on - ly             You



            F/A      Bb        F                        F/A   Bb     F

Fly me like an eagle; let Your spirit carry me

F/A      Bb        F                       F/A    Bb       F

Fly me like an eagle; let Your spirit set me free (repeat)