Darrell Evans


Verse 1:

                   G                                                             C2

Where the Spirit of the Lord is there is freedom (repeat 3x)



              G                       C2                 G        C2   

There is peace, there is love, there is joy



D             Em                                C2

   It is for freedom youÕve set us free

D             Em                                C2         D - D - D - D - D

   It is for freedom youÕve set us free



      G              C2

IÕm free, IÕm free

       Em          C2

IÕm free, IÕm free


Verse 2:

              G                                                                     C2

We will walk in Your freedom, walk in Your liberty


               G                                                                       C2

We will dance in Your freedom, dance in Your liberty (repeat)