God Is Great
Marty Sampson

Mark (B)

Intro:    A    D    E    D
Verse 1:
A              D                  E     A                       D                   E
   All creation cries to You worshipping in spirit and in truth
F#m      D                      E    F#m – E                        D    E       D    E
   Glory to the Faithful One; Jesus Christ, God’s Son
          A            D                       E        A       D                      E 
   All creation gives You praise, You alone are truly great
         F#m     D                            E     F#m – E  D    E       D    E
   You alone are God who reigns for eternity
            A                     D                      E                     D   
God is great and His praise fills the earth, fills the heavens
                  A                    D                                     E    
And Your name will be praised through all the world
            A                      D                     E                  D   
God is great, sing His praise all the earth all the heavens 
                     F#m               D                      E
Cause we’re living for the glory of Your name
                                D     F#m       E
The glory of Your name
Verse 2:
A            D                       E     A          D                        E
   All to You oh God we bring; Jesus teach us how to live
F#m             D                  E     F#m – E  D                         E
   Let Your fire burn in us that all may hear and all may see
A      D        E
Holy is the Lord
                            F#m   D                             E
The whole earth sings,      the whole earth sings (repeat)