He Is Faithful
Verse 1:

E                                    A

   I have heard a sound, coming on the wind

E                                               A

   Changing hearts and minds, healing brokenness

C#m                          A

   I feel a generation, breaking through despair

C#m                          A

  I hear a generation, full of faith declare



D                C#m            A         D                C#m                     A

   And our song it will be,           out of the darkness we will rise and sing



E                     A                      C#m                     A

He is faithful, He is glorious, He is Jesus, and all my hope is in Him

E                       A

He is freedom, He is healing right now

C#m                         A

He is hope and joy, love and peace and life


Verse 2:

E                               A

   I have seen a light, like the break of dawn

E                                        A

   Giving blind men sight, and letting lame men walk

C#m                         A

   I see a generation, with resurrection life

C#m                              A

   We are a generation, filled with the power of Christ



C#m        A                         E    B/D#     C#m            A                         E        B/D#

   He has paid the highest price,                   He has proven his great love for us

C#m         A                                E  B/D#  C#m         A                             E    B/D#

   We will praise Him with our lives, and proclaim our love for Him