Lenny LeBlanc


Intro:         Am       G - D           Am       G – D


Verse 1:

Am                                  G  -  D  

   Lord, Your love is unchanging

Am                                   G             D

   And Your beauty is beyond my words

Am                                          G - D

   And Lord, Your grace is amazing

Am                                G                  D

   And Your glory fills heaven and earth



              Fmaj7                                      G      

And the prayers of the saints and the praises of the children

        F/A                                   G/B

Join thousands of angels to encircle Your throne and cry



Am       G - D    Am                  G          D              Am       G - D

Holy                   Holy                   is the Lord         Holy

Fmaj7                               E                         Am       G - D

Worthy of honor is the Lamb╔who was slain


Verse 2:

Am                                         G - D  

   Lord, the time is drawing nearer

Am                                   G                 D

   When ever nation will bless Your name

Am                                              G - D 

   There will be resting for the weary

Am                                              G        D

   And I hear the coming of the latter reign