Holy Is The Lord
Chris Tomlin

Susie (D) | Mark (G)


A                        D2              Esus       E

   We stand and lift up our hands

                  F#m         D2                     Esus     E

   For the joy of the Lord is our strength

A               D2            Esus                E

   We bow down and worship Him now

             F#m          D2               Esus     E

   How great, how awesome is He



                              B    D2/A                B        D2

And together we sing;       everyone sing



                  A/C#    D2       Esus      E

Holy is the Lord, God Almighty

       F#m        D2                       Esus     E

The earth is filled with His glory (repeat)

        F#m       D2                      Esus     E

The earth is filled with His glory



       A             E/G#

ItŐs rising up all around

             G2                     D2

ItŐs the anthem of the LordŐs renown (repeat)