Holy Visitation

Intro:     Em     G     D     A

Verse 1:

Em                  G                         D

   Sound the alarm, gather the people

                       A                                     Em

   Gather the elders, let the ministers wail

                                     G                                       D    

   God, take back the years that the enemy's stolen

                              A                           Em

   Lord, You are coming, Holy Visitation


Verse 2:

Em                  G                             D

   Sound the alarm, awaken the watchmen

                                A                                      Em

   Open their ears, let their voices be loud

                               G                                      D    

   We prophecy, You'll come to this nation

                                        A                          Em

   Touch this generation, Holy Visitation



Am       Em               Am                           Em

   We return to You    with fasting and weeping and mourning

Am          Em           

   Oh, my Lord, You're returning


Am                                   D

We lie here weeping between porch and altar

Am (C)                                      D                                          (repeat)

Pour out Your spirit on Your sons and Your daughters (repeat)



       Em                     D/F#             Em                                    

We dance, and we shout and we lift up our voice

                 C                       D        (repeat)

Let Your kingdom come down (repeat)