How Great Are You Lord

Lynn DeShazo

Mark (C)

Verse 1:

D                                                                          Em      D/F#

How great are You, Lord; how great is Your mercy

        G                                        A              A7          D      A

How great are the things that You have done for me

                                  D                             Em         D/F#

How great are You, Lord; Your loving kindness

    G                               A             A7                     D  Dsus  D

Is filling my heart as I sing how great are You, Lord




         A/C#              Bm       G                     D Dsus D

How great is Your love, it reaches to the heavens

         A/C#           Bm            G                D/F#      Em  D/F#  Asus-A

How great is the heart that sought and rescued me