I Bow Down
Joel Engle



             G                     C              G               C

Lord, I stand in Your presence, broken before You

        G                    C            G               C

And my heart's desire is to love and adore You

          D                                C                           G  C  G  C

With all of my heart, with all of my soul; forever

             G                  C      G               C

Lord, I fall at Your altar in sweet surrender

        Em            D             C

And I've never known a mercy so tender

       D                                 C                          G    C G   C

It's healing my heart, it's healing my soul; forever




        G        C

And I bow down at Your feet

Em   D      C

I       bow down at Your feet

   D                          G/B          C

I bow down to worship You, Jesus

                                  G    C     G     C

My Savior, my King