I Will Not Forget You
Ben & Robin Pasley

Intro:     G       D/F#      Em      C
Verse 1:
G                           D/F#              Em                                  C
   Many men will drink the rain and turn to thank the clouds
G                           D/F#                                           Em                           C
   Many men will hear You speak; and they will never turn around
G                                        D/F# 
   But I will not forget You; You are my God my King
Em                                    C
   With a thankful heart I bring my offering
G                               D/F# 
   And my sacrifice is not what You can give
Em                               C
   But what I alone can give to You
G                                      D 
   A grateful heart I give; a thankful prayer I pray
Em                       C
   A wild dance I dance before You
G                               D 
   A loud song I sing; a huge bell I ring 
Em                         C
   A life of praise I live before You
Verse 2:
G                          D/F#                Em                                      C
   Many men will pour their gold and serve a thing that shines
G                          D/F#                                             Em                                  C
   Many men will read Your words and they will never change their minds