Kelanie Gloeckler

Verse 1:

C                                   F2

IÕm getting lost in the light of Your face

C                                                F2

Something is changing in this place

C                                   F2

Here I sit and rest my head in Your arms

C                                                    F2

To hear Your voice and find the beating of Your heart



Dm                                 Bb                                  F/A            Csus          C

   IÕll take the invitation, count me in; I wanna goÉ on a walk with You

Dm                               Bb                                      F/A   Csus                  C

   Our final destination, take me there; I wanna goÉÉ.. IÕm cominÕ over



      F       F/A       Bb                                       Dm

To Your place, I disappear whenever I see Your face

Eb2  Bb-Csus       F        F/A   Bb

JesusÉ I want to know Your heart and mind until I find

          Dm                               Eb2              Gm      (C)

Your hidden chambers, the place where we are one


Verse 2:

C                                      F2

IÕm getting found in the light of the truth

C                                                 F2

That YouÕre in me and IÕm in You

C                                      F2

Condemnation has no hold inside my mind

C                                                                F2                         (repeat)

Your blood has washed me clean, I can come in anytime (repeat)